we have developed an approach that is scalable and highly tailored to each project

Layers Bakery - Goodluck Hope

“It’s not often you come across such an experienced, dedicated team that are so lovely. It was a pleasure working with the guys at Common Ground and the result of their work is 10/10.” — Chelsea, Founder of 'Layers'

Spitalfields House

“We absolutely adore the space that you both have created for us - comfortable, modern, spacious, full of light. We can also appreciate the finer attention to detail that you both recommended such as colour schemes, ceiling designs, flooring, interior design, garden landscaping, lighting etc. What made my working experience with you both even more fruitful was that you both also shared my vision for my home - abstract, minimalistic, space, light, comfort - a family 'home'.” — Client

Clapham Gallery

“Spiritually – it is a daily delight! I never stop feeling the WOW factor when I enter the space for my early morning coffee . No really! I love changing parameters for every new creative project/social gathering and also [using the space for] entertaining. I love everything moving. Good for the soul… ” — Cathy Watkins

Homeboy Bar - Embassy Gardens

“A polished Modern Irish Cocktail Bar in a new building and neighbourhood ” — Aaron Wall (founder)

Eversley Road

“Common Ground have been great throughout the entire process of our project. They have been extremely thorough and considerate working through the various challenges with our project, and worked hard to come up with creative solutions to various unforeseen challenges. They have also helped us make difficult material selection, and found various specialist services required along the way. More importantly and fundamentally, they devised a fantastic scheme, which more than meets our objectives.” — Joel Harrison, Editor-in-chief and co-founder at B2B marketing

The Hare

“Common Ground were superb working on my pub project. Great advice and attention to detail.” — Client

Florfield Road Penthouse

“The main thing was to make the flat feel, like one place rather than a extension, it does. The space upstairs feel light bright and spacious, even on a dull day it feels bright and uplifting. there is harmony between the upstairs and downstairs. The outside balcony is fantastic as it really connects with the living space due to the feature doors. The feature window that goes into the roof has a kind of dreamy feeling perfect for gazing up at the clouds. The overall feeling is stylish and tranquil.” — James Long (Fashion Designer)