Common Ground Workshop is an architecture studio (established in 2014) with a unique vision for professional practice that puts collaborations between clients, end users, communities and industry professionals at the heart of everything we do.

Situated within a hybrid workspace, café and art’s space called ‘The Common E2’, our practice philosophy is based on breaking down barriers between people and our profession, and we have created a unique environment where continuously-evolving dialogue, innovation and shared interest can be explored and developed. We believe that this open and inclusive public-private ecosystem challenges conventional norms of siloed practice and encourages broad participation, leading to the evolution of exceptional projects that collectively enrich and drive lasting value into our work and the built environment. 

We are an RIBA Chartered Practice creating a bespoke experience for every new project, and work in a broad range of sectors that include residential, commercial, arts and culture, place-making and regeneration. Owning and operating our own hybrid commercial space we are a commercially minded practice and are in the best possible position to work with you at all stages of your project from creating an initial brief and a vision to delivering exceptional architectural solutions and guiding the construction of projects to come in on time and on budget. 

“[Common Ground Workshop] is perhaps one of London’s most unique architectural businesses… Few companies in London allow the general public to enter and observe architects at work... The hive of activity seems to foster and develop ideas and creative vision for the designers by interacting with patrons.. allowing architecture to become a more transparent profession.”

— Culture Trip