Common Ground Workshop have a wealth of experience working with private commercial clients across a range of sectors that include: 

  • Hospitality (Bars, Restaurants, Events Spaces)
  • Workspace / Co-working space
  • Leisure and wellbeing facilities 
  • Public art and community space

As owners and operators of our own hybrid café, co-working and art project space we are a commercially minded practice and are in the best possible position to work with you at all stages of your project from creating an initial brief and a vision to delivering exceptional architectural solutions and guiding the construction of projects to come in on –time and on budget.

Our process

Our practice philosophy is based on breaking down barriers between people and championing inclusivity, agility and community-connectedness, and we have created our own unique commercial workspace and hospitality environment where continuously-evolving dialogue, innovation and shared interest can be explored and developed. We believe that this open and inclusive public-private ecosystem challenges conventional norms of siloed practice and encourages broad participation, leading to the evolution of exceptional projects that collectively enrich and drive lasting value into our work and the built environment.

Every project is unique and will be overseen from start to finish by Directors Jack and Mark, who will work closely with the client to ensure that budgetary, aesthetic, sustainable and any wider statutory, stakeholder and community needs are being met at every stage.

Core principles

  • Value for money
  • Professional attention to detail through:
  • the most efficient use of space
  • careful selection of materials and finishes
Environmental Sensitivity and Community Mindedness
  • Energy efficiency
  • Community awareness and consideration
  • ‘Place ID’ approach
Assurance and Freedom from Worry
  • Guide you through planning permission while managing the complex procedures involved
  • Monitor the project on-site through visits and builder meetings
  • Professional indemnity insurance
Creativity and Imagination
  • Our creative involvement is not based on project size or budget, we aim to provide a highly bespoke, creative and personal experience for each client

To date we have achieved a wide variety of outstanding commercial spaces for our clients and would love to hear from you if you are considering a new project.