Spitalfields House

Common Ground Workshop have completed an extensive renovation of Spitalfields House, providing a 3 bedroom, 4 storey family home, located in Central London in close proximity to Brick Lane.

The scheme design proposes a warm and minimal materials palate that seeks to maximise the texture and inherent visual and tactile qualities of raw materials such as micro-concrete toppings, timber, raw plaster, zinc, limestone pebbles and pavers, and blackened metal linings. The Ground and Basement Levels are comprised of large open plan family living and dining spaces with direct visual connection to the front and rear ‘zen’ garden, whilst the upper floors offer three large en-suite bedrooms with extensive hardwood timber joinery and exterior balcony features.

When Common Ground Workshop took on the commission, the site comprised the original structure as well as the initial layout work and partial construction of the building superstructure at all levels, undertaken by Studio Idealyc. CGW worked with the concrete superstructure walls, concrete stairs and floors in the living spaces, and the roof dormer construction and its pocket balcony concept, and developed a series of minimal, flexible and sustainable spaces that responded to the owner’s current needs, spatially, stylistically and environmentally.

The project brief had flexibility and adaptability at its heart and called for open plan family spaces at ground and basement levels respectively that would allow for maximum adaption in future family use patterns. Storage and built-in appliances are key to creating a minimal space that can remain minimal in practice despite the day-to-day requirements of family life.

Style: Rory Robertson

Photographs: @staleeriksen





Spitalfields, London




169 sqm



“We absolutely adore the space that you both have created for us - comfortable, modern, spacious, full of light. We can also appreciate the finer attention to detail that you both recommended such as colour schemes, ceiling designs, flooring, interior design, garden landscaping, lighting etc. What made my working experience with you both even more fruitful was that you both also shared my vision for my home - abstract, minimalistic, space, light, comfort - a family 'home'.”

— Client