Layers Bakery – Goodluck Hope

Common Ground Workshop have completed the first site for ‘Layers Bakery’, a bakery, restaurant, café and wholesale retail site located at London’s new Goodluck Hope Development, by Ballymore.

Founders Chelsea, Giulia & Faye collaborated to create Layers Bakery to give London’s café and restaurant scene beautifully baked goods, as well as providing exceptional brunch and coffee offer at London’s new Goodluck Hope and City Island district.

The interior has been designed to create an exceptional customer experience, providing a flexible cafe, restaurant and workspace, also showcasing the lively and theatrical workings of the bakery, where freshly baked goods are served directly at the main counter, alongside brunch menu.

The material palette around the perimeter of the is comprised of a orange Valchromat dado with recycled paper wall linings and orange terrazzo clad main counter. The space celebrates the double height volume and is wrapped in whitewashed timber retail shelving to display goods and produce.

Photography by Lorenzo Zandri


Ballymore / Layers

Project Manager



Goodluck Hope



“It’s not often you come across such an experienced, dedicated team that are so lovely. It was a pleasure working with the guys at Common Ground and the result of their work is 10/10.”

— Chelsea, Founder of 'Layers'