The Common E2

The Common E2 is a dynamic hybrid retail, gallery and workspace hub located in the heart of Bethnal Green, East London. The space is the permanent home of ‘Common Ground Workshop’ (architects) and ‘Commonage’ (artists) and doubles up as a café and retail unit, with an art gallery space and commercial kitchen at Basement Level. Benefiting from a double fronted aspect, the unit incorporates a movable screen and modular storage units that serve to maximise spatial flexibility and allows for the floor plate to both be split into two rooms, and opened out into a larger events space format. At basement level the informal layout allows for a multitude of use patterns and artistic event functions.

As industry leaders in commercial hospitality and workspace design the combined studio and retail unit can be seen to be at the forefront of hybridised, flexible and agile workspace. The space promotes a breakdown of the hitherto siloed approach to workspace design, and the practice operates within of a burgeoning community that includes local design professionals and other industry leaders, who intermingle with customers and visitors.


Common Ground Workshop, Common E2, Commonage


Bethnal Green, East London




80 sqm