The Big Question – Architects Working with Clients

When both time and resources are required from a client before the design process begins, what is the ideal?

As an architecture practice engaging with clients in many different sectors and from all types of backgrounds you quickly understand that not two clients are alike. Despite these differences what we have learned is to offer resources early in the conversation to help educate those who are new to this process or align with those who are seasoned for best results.

Our director Jack Pannell participated to a Mix Interiors discussion where six industry professionals highlighted their experiences with this question while addressing how they would personally respond, see Jack’s answer below.

“The most successful project outcomes tend to arrive where a client is fully informed and engaged from the outset, and where a well considered brief is in place ahead of making key decisions and engaging a consultant team. More often, we are seeing clients request pre-stage 0 consultancy advice; we recognise that these requests are invaluable and encourage pre-stage 0 discourse in developing our client-first approach.”