Common Ground Workshop Joins A-Zero, BDP, and Adjaye Associates in Sustainable Innovation for Eco-Architecture

As 2022 kicks off, one thing that is evident within the industry is the sheer importance of environmental sustainability. After a successful conclusion to 2021’s COP26 in Glasgow, the goals are clear, secure a net zero approach and adapt to protect natural habitats. As we have always strived to achieve sustainable processes at Common Ground Workshop, we look forward to embracing these renewed goals and putting our best (eco) foot forward.

We are delighted to share with you a feature from Livingetc of Clapham Common Art Gallery, a sustainable project that is helping to shape our approach to sustainable design in arts and culture. The project introduced sustainable practices including reuse of minor demolition materials, and features to optimise natural light and minimise heat gain. Additionally, in-floor heating was retrofitted to exclude the need for excess concrete, this allowed us to utilise existing, natural wooden floor materials.

You can read the full article here: 5 sustainable architecture projects that show what the future of eco-homes looks like to learn about the full scale of our sustainable approach as well as from other architects including A-Zero, BDP, Adjaye Associates and VATRAA