Our combined Cafe, Art Project Space and Workspace ‘The Common E2’ has been featured in Wallpaper

The article – ‘A new wave of architectural London cafés combines contemporary design with a strong sense of community’ – also features the fantastic Corner Coffee (New Cross) by Feix&Merlin and Nourish hub (Hammersmith) by RCKa, and focuses on the convergence of hospitality, community and neighbourhood & design-focused spaces.

”These spots .. combine art, workspace and, importantly, a passion for empowering communities. Strongly design-led, either architect-owned or informed by a defining architectural vision, these cafés transform their genre, reaching far beyond the confines of hospitality and aiming for positive change. They provide safe spaces, support communities, challenge norms and strive to make their neighbourhoods better places to live.” – Elle Stathaki

Read the full article here

Big thanks to Elle Stathaki and Wallpaper.

Photography by Sam A Harris.