Interdisciplinary Co-working: Aligning with Complimentary Professionals

Common Ground Workshop Heading to a New Co-working Space

We are thrilled to announce that this November Common Ground Workshop will join Tala Lighting in their co-working office space on Vyner St. The office is beautifully located on Regent’s Canal just East of Cambridge Heath Road. For us this is an excellent opportunity to align more closely with the incredible Tala team, composed of lighting designers as well as engineers, makers and professional, creative minds from many different backgrounds. We can’t wait to share this beautiful space with such fantastic people.

About Tala

Tala is an award-winning lighting company whose identity is centred on great design intertwined with a core purpose: less waste and more sustainability. Tala’s team is on a mission to reduce carbon footprints by carefully selecting materials and practices that carefully consider each environmental impact.

New Office, New Offerings

Numerous clients have often enquired about our connections with different suppliers, and lighting has always been on the top of this list. As our team grows we have been seeking the perfect new office space and finding the opportunity to share a co-working space with Tala was very fortunate. We’re incredibly excited to be in the same space as key supplier and innovator, and what this means is our client offering will also improve. We plan on connecting and sharing ideas with the Tala team, and look forward to future collaborations and opportunities to serve our clients better with our ‘in-house’ lighting experts.