As a studio leading the way in placemaking design in London, Common Ground Workshop approaches collaborations with clients through the shared interest in developing community spaces for both the private and public domain.

As a progressive architecture practice we specialise in commercial workspace & hospitality fit outs in close collaboration with the arts & culture sectors. We use our extensive experience as operators of commercial and hybrid spaces to influence our strong design sensibility and create buildings and spaces that provide sustainable and robust blueprints for local communities to both foster and inspire connections. 


Our design process begins with value adding through on-site sketches in order to bring to life, in real time, the ideas that we present to our clients.

The Importance of Placemaking in Architectural Design

Repopulating the High Street

We understand that communities thrive most when the core elements of commerce are strong and embraced. As placemaking architects we strive to embolden retail space through implementing destination-thinking in order to drive traffic and footfall that is multifaceted. By focusing on providing a destination for fitness, retail, entertainment and office work among other elements a community is provided the framework to sustain itself

As traditional retail and shopping habits change we are prioritising repopulating the high street through collaborations which focus on needs of the consumer while integrating practical use spaces adjacent to shopping corridors. 

Existing sites

-cool sketches 

-value adding with sketches onsite

-Sketches from /sketches


Repopulating the High Street

  • Different approach to funding

  • Developer leasing space to tenets who together create a community element and environment to the area

  • Community offer for wider public

  • Unit 2 Unit 6 City Island


Hybrid space

  • The common e2

  • Ikawa

  • Current workspace at tala

  • Clapham gallery



  • Dynamic art gallery amongst residential area 




Grassroots, small sites, medium sites commercial projects with character and community at its heart, sustainable space with lasting elemetns

Hybrid Space

As ambassadors of the placemaking approach our practice leads the way in developing community spaces that provide direct value to the surrounding area. Our practice holds a residency at The Common E2 a hybrid workspace, studio and cafe that invites locals from the neighbourhood to work freely in the cafe. Our experience as owner/operators of this hybrid space has put us in the unique position of understanding the needs of the both the business and the customer.

As a result of our combined knowledge of industries we have been able to apply our experience and years of research in order to provide the best service to our architecture clients. This allows us to address practical design considerations as well as provide business and community best practice approaches. 


Dynamic are gallery amongst residential area 

53 Old Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6QA

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