Modernising and Refurbishing a Family Home in London with New Materials

Located in Central London in close proximity to Spitalfields and Brick Lane, the project brief called for a complete overhaul of an unassuming two storey brick clad family house to provide a new highly modern 4 storey dwelling with a zen sculpture garden to the rear.

The scheme design proposes a warm and minimal materials palate that seeks to maximise the texture and inherent visual and tactile qualities of raw materials such as concrete, timber, block-work and corten steel.

The new spaces will provide a maximum amount of concealed storage allowing the resulting space to be clutter free, with attention drawn to the sculptural and tactile material qualities of the design. Utilising large timber clad window frames, a warmer palate will be introduced to the cooler concrete and block-work walls, floors and ceilings. These large-scale apertures will fill the space with light and connect the inside with the sculpted exterior garden and basement spaces.