Common Ground Workshop are Now a RIBA Chartered Practice

We are delighted to announce a proud moment for Common Ground Workshop. This week we have been accepted into RIBA, The Royal Institute of British Architects, the chartered architects association in the UK. With this accreditation we associate ourselves with some of the great historical and modern architecture practices in the United Kingdom.

We look forward to holding this honour and a continuous effort to improving our offer for both our existing and new clients. Thanks to the team at RIBA for their prompt approval.

What Does Being a Chartered RIBA Architect Mean?

There are many elements to a chartered architectural practice including practical implementations such as indemnity insurance, quality assurance, and health and safety practices but how does this translate to you as the client? We’ve listed just a few benefits that we will continue to offer and develop further now that we have our official RIBA accreditation.

Client Centred Service

  • Continue to go above and beyond the call to action in order to provide a service that develops our clients into long-term, collaborative partners
  • Bring our expertise and knowledge from our shared industry background to each project


  • Value for money
  • Professional attention to detail through:
  • the most efficient use of space
  • careful selection of materials and finishes

Environmental Sensitivity and Community Mindedness

  • Energy efficiency
  • Community awareness and consideration
  • ‘Place ID’ approach

Assurance and Freedom from Worry

  • Guide you through planning permission while managing the complex procedures involved
  • Monitor the project on-site through visits and builder meetings
  • Professional indemnity insurance

Creativity and Imagination

  • Our creative involvement is not based on project size or budget, we aim to provide a highly bespoke, creative and personal experience for each client